Last weekend the FM96 Team were able to experience Mt Korobaba

Well some of them were at least

It was raining so the team was prepared to get wet and dirty

So from the gathered experience here are a few tips when going up

1. Pack Light

Just take what you need, many tend to over-prepare.. for many of us, all we might need is just a bottle of water

2. Go at Your Own Pace

The trek is meant to be enjoyed by all and many have been able to reach the top by going at their own pace, as long as you’re careful and steady you will definitely find yourself standing at the top

3. Go with friends

Its good to have support cause the trek can get tiring and sometimes knowing someone is there with you helps you push forward

4. Proper Attire 

This is very important and most of us take it for granted. Proper attire helps with your movement


We Hope these few tips will help you and your Squad… Enjoy


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