Three Republic of Fiji Military Forces soldiers serving with the Fiji Battalion under the United Nations Dis-engagement Observer Force mission in the Golan Heights, Syria, have been detained by Israeli authorities for allegations of drug smuggling.

Commander RFMF Major General Ro Jone Kalouniwai confirms the soldiers were returning from leave in Jordan when they were detained at the Jordan and Israeli border yesterday.

He says the Headquarters of the Fiji Battalion in UNDOF has been liaising with the Israeli authorities regarding this matter.

The army Commander says the RFMF maintains a zero-tolerance stance on any criminal activities by its members.

All soldiers concerned will be dealt with in accordance with the military law and laws of Fiji.

The RFMF will be sending an investigation team to the UNDOF to conduct its own Board of Inquiry concerning the allegation.

All RFMF soldiers deployed on United Nations Peacekeeping missions are trained to adhere to UN Peacekeeping regulations and standards and to respect the laws of the host countries they serve in.

SOURCE: fijivillage