It has been 22 days since 18 year old Peniana Vadei went missing from the Maui Bay picnic spot on the Constitution Day public holiday on September 7th.

Peniana’s mother, Taina Rokobuli is pleading to the people to come forward with any information to find her only daughter.

She says she has been informed that the CID and Human Trafficking Division are looking into the case, and information from Peniana’s phone to assist in the investigation was extracted earlier this week.

No one has come forward with any information regarding her whereabouts so far.

Rokobuli had earlier told us that they went for a picnic on September 7th, and what she can recall is asking her daughter to look after their things while she takes her turn to play volleyball.

Rokobuli says all attempts to locate her daughter Peniana since then have been futile.

Police are urging the public to contact them on 919 if you have any information about the missing girl.

You can also contact Taina Rokobuli on 2850237 or 7236552.

SOURCE: Fijivillage