After Morocco, Portugal, and Spain won the bid to host the 48-team competition, the 2030 World Cup will be contested on three continents, but Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay will host the first three games.


The decision, which even seasoned Fifa observers were unaware of, implies that the World Cup of 2030 would include teams competing in six nations, all of which will automatically qualify.


The World Cup has never been held on more than one continent, and plans for such a competition to span thousands of kilometres were met with dismay by environmental organizations.


The choice and timing seemed to open the door for Saudi Arabia to host the World Cup in 2034, as the country unveiled their proposal for the event hours afterwards.


Prior to withdrawing earlier this year, the Saudis were anticipated to lead a bid alongside Greece and Egypt for 2030. The Saudi Football Federation announced it would submit a single candidacy after Fifa invited bids from Asia and Oceania to host in 2034.


“Fifa continues its cycle of destruction against the greatest tournament on earth,” stated Football Supporters Europe, which this year forged a deeper partnership with Uefa. terrible for supporters, disregards the environment, and extends the red carpet to a host for 2034 with a disgraceful history of human rights. The World Cup as we know it has ended.