Italian teenager Giuseppe D’Anna, 19, stated on Tiktok that he would propose to the love of his life, and his fans immediately began making fun of him. This is due to the fact that Milina Gatta, a 76-year-old woman, was the woman he claimed to be the love of his life. On social media, this couple’s tale gained a lot of attention.

A few comments defended their relationship, despite the fact that the majority of them were critical of it. Many theories were put up as to why he would desire to wed such an elderly woman.

According to some, the 19-year-old teenager married the 76-year-old grandmother because she was wealthy and wanted to inherit her estate. Some people were firmly convinced that he was taking these actions in order to get the Sony PlayStation 5.

She is actually old enough to be his great, great grandma, according to the people who attacked their connection, and I think you guys took it a little too seriously when you stated you like older girls, they added. Giuseppe responded to criticism of his relationship by noting that it was just the first in a lengthy sequence.

“Don’t listen to the negativity, date who makes you happy and who you believe is perfect for you,” said many who offered support. and “Stop being nasty, everyone. They truly look really cute, and she appears a lot younger than her true age of 76 or 74.

The pair insists that their relationship is doing great in spite of all the attacks. All of this drama, however, came to a stop when Giuseppe told an Italian news organization by the name of Fanpage that it was all a joke. Giuseppe submitted the movies on Tiktok as a sign of love for his grandmother Milina, who was in fact his grandmother.

The tale of him and his grandma went so widespread that it was carried by numerous foreign media outlets as though it were a true event.