“Tauvus”, widely known as “Mychau” is a way in which people from all parts of Fiji call others according to their provinces and their relation to them.

Now as well know, “tauvu” is a term used to spoil our friends who are from certain parts of the island, and when I say “SPOIL”, I mean being sarcastic, and joking, and sometimes the joke can be a little harsh that you and you tauvu end up swearing at each other (in a funny way) which is normal.

So we were curious to find out what the word “tauvu” actually meant and to our surprise, it’s a whole different meaning.

But the real definition of ” tauvu ” means Sema Ni Veiwekani (Relatively connected/related.) This means that when someone calls you “mychau’ you are basically like brothers and sisters at that point and you treat them with respect as well.

Like, how did we go from respecting our tauvus to dissing them?

So you can only imagine how very wrong we are and how disappointed our elders are because of westernisation.

I bet the majority of youths nowadays don’t even know their Province names and what relation they have with other Provinces (eg. Mataqali or Naita, etc)

It’s probably about time they teach this in school right?

And remember, not all tauvus are enemies (like Gau and Vanua Levu🤣)