Tragically, a 14-year-old teenager lost his life in Queens, reportedly subway surfing, just one week after a similar incident claimed the life of another boy in Brooklyn. The recent fatality occurred last month near Queensboro Plaza around 5:30 p.m., with no information released regarding the boy’s identity or whether he was accompanied at the time.


This incident follows the death of 14-year-old B. Crespo, who fell from a Manhattan-bound L train on June 22. Crespo’s friend also suffered serious injuries in the same incident.


Regrettably, this marks the fourth subway surfing-related death of the year as of July 5, according to the MTA.


In response to the Brooklyn incident, Mayor Eric Adams conducted a press conference, urging TikTok to remove videos depicting subway surfing. He emphasized that such videos have garnered millions of views.


TikTok, in a statement, expressed their deepest condolences, acknowledging that the subway surfing trend “predates our platform.”