There are way worse things you could be called than “too polite.” In fact, if you’ve been to Chicago’s legendary Weiner Circle hot dog stand anytime, but especially on a bleary late night/early morning for a double dog with all the fixins, you have likely been called way, way worse.

After all, the 40-year-old stand’s unofficial motto is “What the f–k do you want?”

So it made sense that when Ed Sheeran popped in on Saturday (July 29) to sling a few dogs before taking a ride downtown to play his sold-out gig at Soldier Field, the notoriously spicy staff had something to say about his weirdly well-mannered approach.

“Our newest trainee @edsheeran has a lot to learn, he’s way too proper and friendly,” the stand tweeted on Saturday along with a pic of a beaming Sheeran behind the counter mobbed by Sheerios snapping pics.