At age 7, Clovis Hung found second grade boring.

He said, “I wanted more of a challenge.

He was taken out of the second grade in 2019 by his mother Song Choi, who then started homeschooling him. When he was nine, a year later, he also applied to Fullerton College.

Clovis went to school with his mother. He once had 11 units in his schedule, which is the maximum for special admit students who can enrol in classes while still in high school and get a “taste” of what college is like. For citizens of California, the service is free.

At the age of 12, Clovis will become the youngest graduate in the 108-year history of Fullerton College when he receives his diploma on Saturday with the class of 2023. He’s not just getting one, though.

A.A. degrees in history, social sciences, social behaviour and self-development, arts and human expression, and science and mathematics will be awarded to Clovis graduates.

Pretty impressive don’t you think?