We all envy previous generations for being able to buy homes without having to break their banks, and to be honest, just the thought of owning your property today is sure to cause a migraine. The cost-of-living crisis, coupled with inflation, has delayed or ruined the long-term plans of people saving to own their dream homes.

With all that being said, Australia’s youngest homeowner is only 8 years old!

Cam McLellan a businessman in Australia made it his goal to ensure that his children wouldn’t have to worry about owning their own home one day. He gave them pocket money weekly to teach his kids to be responsible with their finances in a world with a tough-as-ever economic landscape.

Cam told News.au: “The sooner you can get started the better because property prices will only continue to go up because we’ve got a huge under-supply of housing in Australia.”. The decision Cam and his wife Felicity made didn’t stop criticisms from everyone around them, with trolls saying that they are exploiting their kids to which he replied “My children ‘are not silver spoons’, they just ‘have a leg up’, as anyone else could”.

Even with all the money Cam has, he said his kids are not spoon-fed, they know that if they want to live luxuriously they will have to make it on their own.

Source: Ladbible