A new online profession taking Brazil by storm right now involves hiring loyalty inspectors.

What is a loyalty inspector you ask?

It’s basically this bunch of beautiful young Brazilian women that message your husbands to test their loyalty. They will then send “proof” to the wives that hired them to show them whether their husbands are cheating on them or not.

It’s a very forward approach to make sure that your husband is loyal, but I can’t help but feel that it will kind of just feed more into your insecurities.



As much as I would commend these young women for helping insecure wives confront their husbands, I feel like there are a couple more steps you can take before you hire a complete stranger to gauge the longevity of your marriage via online interactions with your husband.

Then again, different strokes for different folks. If you are somebody who is insecure in your relationship and you want to be subtle about finding out whether your partner is cheating on you or not, let us know. We got you. We can be your loyal inspectors LOL

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SOURCE: Oddity Central