People tend to do the most extreme things when it comes to improving the way they look, but this happens to be one of the most bizarre methods I’ve ever heard of.

A South African woman, Aviwe Mazosiwe, needs breast reduction surgery and to do that, she needs to drop down to a specific weight. She managed to lose 12kg through intermittent fasting, but she can’t seem to drop any more weight.

In a desperate attempt to lose more weight, Aviwe has decided to wire her mouth shut with slimming wires.

Slimming wires are basically orthodontic brackets with wires wrapped through them that are attached to the wearer’s teeth to keep the jaw shut.

She caught a lot of flak online when she posted about her getting the wires on Tik Tok.

“There were so many negative comments, but I have forgotten them all because I chose not to focus on the negativity.”

There’s no saying how she’s doing now, but I personally don’t think I’d be able to have that kind of commitment to any type of weight loss program.