A woman who died for nearly half an hour wrote an eerie message as soon as she ‘returned to life’.

In 2018, Tina Hines suffered a massive heart attack while on a hike with her husband.

The Arizona woman’s husband, Brian, managed to bring her ‘back to life four times’ along with first responders who arrived on the scene before she even got to the hospital. She was subsequently placed on a defibrillator, and when she woke up, Tina immediately asked for a pen, needing to write something important down.

Putting pen to paper after ‘coming back to life’, Tina managed to scribble out a message which appeared to read ‘it’s real’.

When asked what she meant, the woman pointed up towards heaven.

Plenty of other people also believe they’ve seen the afterlife for themselves when they’ve come close to knocking on heaven’s door and getting the induction tour from St Peter.

Lots of others asked for more specific details, as plenty of others who’ve had near-death experiences have been pretty clear about what they did and saw.

But, what did she see?

[Source: UNILAD]