Vikki Brown, 31, and her boyfriend Lucas Martin, 39, met at Vikki’s childhood favourite supermarket and since then, they’ve enjoyed a very passionate relationship.

Vikki has spoken out about Lucas’ unusual amount of erections per day and says that it doesn’t rest for him. It can happen anywhere and at any time and it tends to tire her out at times.

Lucas even went to a doctor to try and find out if there was something wrong as this had never happened to him before, but according to the doctor, this was not a medical issue, so Lucas has come to the only reasonable conclusion that is that Vikki is a “goddess” as he is always hungry but only for her.

He says that she just has to look at him or say something and it immediately makes him hungry for her. She just has to walk past him and he is ready to pounce on her.

They are currently living separately so at least she is getting some rest in between their pillow-talking sessions.

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