A woman has finally married the love of her life at 78 after her family banned her from doing so when she was a teen.

The couple first tried to marry all the way back in 1963, however, they were forced to separate after the bride’s family disapproved of her groom.

Len Albrighton, 79, and Jeanette Steer, 78, met as trainee nurses on the Isle of Wight. Shortly after, they planned to relocate to Australia and start their life together.


However, as Jeanette was 18 then, she needed to obtain consent from her parents, as the legal age to get married was 21 in the sixties. Len moved to Australia and started a life there,  marrying and having children, with Jeanette doing the same in England.

But after Len’s marriage ended in 2015, he decided to try and reconnect with Jeanette, by travelling to Newport and looking up her address.

But two years later, Jeanette’s husband sadly died from cancer. Following his death, Jeanette and Len reunited again when she found his address in a Christmas card he had previously sent her.

After she tracked him down, their romance blossomed, and Len invited Jeanette to live with him in Stevenage.

He proposed to her last year, and the two wed last month in a private ceremony, to which one of Jeanette’s daughters gave her away.

[Source: Ladbible]