A 54-year-old woman walked into her bathroom one day without realizing that she would be its prisoner for the following 3 days.

Her name wasn’t revealed to the public, but according to her, she walked into the bathroom and when she closed the door behind her, a faulty knob caused the door to lock from the outside.

After many attempts to get the attention of her neighbours by banging on the door and screaming out for her help, she finally decided to accept her fate by writing a farewell message on the wall, using make-up products, for anyone who finds her in the bathroom.

The message read,

“I’ve been stuck in the toilet since August 22. If I die, please let Jay Lek take care of my will. Please give Tuk’s property to Tua Toon Tum. I drank tap water to survive. Without water, I would be dead. I tried to pry and smash my way out, I tried to shout but no one heard me.”



Lucky for her, her sister was worried that she hadn’t contacted her in days and reported her missing to the police.

When the police arrived at her apartment, they called out for her but she didn’t respond. They decided to climb over the gate and break into her house.



After looking around the rooms, they found the bathroom door locked and decided to kick it down. They found the trapped woman laying next to the sink in a weak and fragile state from not eating in 3 days.

They immediately took her to the hospital where the doctors said that despite what she went through, she was still very healthy.

Idk about you, but this is just more reason for me to always take my phone to the bathroom/toilet.