How spiteful can you get?

Because I think this woman has just taken the cake when it comes to being so jealous of your karua.

A Brazilian woman was pronounced dead on arrival when she was on her way to a salon appointment after receiving birthday chocolates from her ex-boyfriend, or so she thought.

It’s said that when she received the chocolates and flowers, she called her ex to confirm that he sent them to the right address.

The “ex” confirmed and so she proceeded to eat the chocolates.



Not long after she left her place to go to a salon appointment, she collapsed. When she was taken to the hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

When the police decided to get involved, their first instinct was to arrest the ex-boyfriend.

After a lot of digging, they found out that it was the ex-boyfriend’s lover who was jealous of how friendly the exes were towards each other.

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