When you’re in a relationship and contemplating opening it up to others, it’s common to discuss beforehand to gauge mutual comfort. However, for one woman, discovering that her boyfriend had introduced artificial companions into their relationship left her furious. In 2021, amidst the pandemic, an Australian man, referred to as Rod (a pseudonym), chose to acquire a plastic doll due to a prolonged period of loneliness, during which he had not experienced physical contact with a woman for over two years.

Entering the realm of online sex dolls initially seemed daunting to him. However, in October 2021, he overcame his apprehension and invested $3,000 (£2,366) in acquiring his personal life-sized “physical synthetic companion,” whom he named Karina Luvly.



However, a month after Rod acquired Karina and shared the news with his real-life partner, she responded negatively. Rod explained that Karina was meant to be “company” for him. His partner, whom he had met online just seven months prior but had never met in person due to the considerable distance of over 3106 miles, initially felt “threatened” and questioned why he felt the need for a plastic companion. Over time, she came to “accept” the situation as she recognized the positive impact these synthetic companions had on his mental health. Subsequently, Rod went on to purchase another blow-up doll, whom he named Lauren.

Rod went so far as to introduce his doll, Karina, to his mother. Initially, she regarded Karina with suspicion, but over time, she came to accept her as a significant part of his life, recognizing the positive impact on his mental health. The success of Karina’s Instagram account led to a job offer for Rod, involving photographing dolls for a Chinese manufacturer. Remarkably, his partner has agreed to stand by his side in this endeavour.