If you found out that your husband was still in love with his ex, would your first reflex be to try and get them married?

The man in question is a YouTuber from a village in India who met and started hitting it off with a woman he met on social media. They eventually got married and moved into a locality together which is where the story gets interesting.

The wife, we’ll call her Sara, found out that the husband, we’ll call him Joe, had a relationship in the past with a woman from the locality that they had just moved into. This woman, we’ll call her Rita, wanted to rekindle things with Joe but instead of trying to break them up, she decided to try out a different approach and ask to get married to Joe as his second wife.

Rightly so, Sara was incredibly confused and did not know how to approach the topic, but then she eventually gave in and helped them get married and now they’re all living together.

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SOURCE: Fijivillage