Dozens of people taking part in a funeral in Peru were left shocked after the woman being laid to rest allegedly started banging on the casket from the inside.

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Late last month, a 36-year-old woman from Peru, her brother-in-law, and three of her nephews were involved in a serious car accident that claimed the lives of both adults and left the boys with serious injuries. On April 26,her relatives gathered to lay her body to rest. The solemn procession was going according to plan, according to eyewitnesses, but at one point people started hearing faint banging from inside the woman’s coffin. When the lid was opened, the funeral attendees were shocked to see Rosa (the woman) staring back at them…sweating and just as shocked as everybody.

Still in total disbelief, the woman’s family picked up the coffin and rushed it to the Hospital in Lambayeque, with Rosa still inside. Doctors there confirmed the woman’s vital signs, even though she had been pronounced dead days earlier, and put her on life support.