You cannot tell me you have not felt like someone is watching you. It happens often, especially when you are alone.


The sensation of being watched is a common experience that can be narrowed to several factors:

  1. Evolutionary Adaptation: Heightened vigilance for survival.
  2. Hypervigilance: increased alertness when feeling vulnerable or anxious.
  3. Cognitive bias: the tendency to recognise patterns even when none exist.
  4. Mirror neurons: neurons that help us understand others’ intentions.
  5. Paranoia is a symptom of mental health conditions like anxiety or schizophrenia.
  6. Environmental Cues: Certain environments trigger protective responses.
  7. Social and Cultural Influences: Media and personal experiences affect perception.


Understanding these factors can help you recognise that it’s often a natural thing to do.

So, don’t panic, it’s all in your head.