As we awaited the State of Origin games to begin, we decided to join a couple of our friends who were inviting us for a few bags and watch the game at their place with them.

Now we started almost 6hrs ago with the grog sesh and shared a lot of talanoas with our friends.

So, while killing time, one of our friends decided to bring up the topic “I BET” and wanted to hear what others would do if the team they were cheering for lost.

And so we started going back and forth with the bets and all that, and then suddenly, two of our friends (who are a couple) told us that they had already set a bet and it had been finalised. At first, we thought they were just joking but it seems like they weren’t at all!

So these two couples had made a bet, that whoever’s team loses, will sleep outside.

Now girl was cheering for NSW BLUES and her guy was cheering for QLD MAROONS.

When I tell you guys that as soon as the games started, it started feeling intense, IT REALLY WAS!

So apart from our $10 bets if your team loses, dare to run around the house by the number of points they lost by, etc, we were more concerned about the couple’s bet because, it’s still Fijian Winter, and its pretty cold, even if you got a blanket on.

They told us not to interfere and help, and let whoever’s team lose, spend the night outside.


Well, all we can say is, may the best team win, and if you happen to see your neighbour sleeping on their porch or somewhere outside their homes tonight, don’t worry, it’s all part of the bet lol.

let’s just hope there’s at least a blanket and pillows placed outside by now.