Zimbabwe hasn’t had a Miss Zimbabwe pageant in 22 years and the one time in a long time that they have one, the winner is a white woman.

This basically set off a wildfire of racial outrage after social media users claimed that the contestant only won because she was white.



Brooke Bruk-Jackson, a 21-year-old Zimbabwe native, was the only white woman on the pageant list so you can see why non-white people are mad that she’s Zimbabwe’s representative on the world stage.

“All those beautiful melanated women, and you telling me the European woman won a contest for Black people?”

Twitter User

I can understand why people are pressed about Brooke winning the title, but so far, nothing has been done by the organizers of the event. They haven’t even said anything so it makes you wonder what the intentions behind this win are.

No offense to Brooke who probably just wanted a fair shot at the title, but something really needs to be said about this, especially since we’re living in a time where everyone and anyone can be vocal about their opinions.