Look, I know what you’re thinking. How the heck does this woman think biology works???

We’re asking yourselves the same question.

This all happened in a hospital in Spain when a white lady was giving birth while her husband was in the room.

When the baby was slowly coming out, the doctors noticed that he was a little bit on the darker side. They thought that this was because of a respiratory problem, but as the baby’s whole body came out, they realized it was a beautiful black baby.

After some confusion, the doctors put the baby on the mother’s chest. As soon as the mother saw the baby, she immediately accused the husband of cheating.

“You bastard, I knew you were cheating me! Look what you’ve done, go away!”

The woman’s wishes were only fulfilled because she started crying. The doctors had to escort her husband out of the labour ward while holding in their laughs.

Apparently, the woman said that while she was pregnant, she saw her husband trying to chat up a black woman.

The husband later said that since then he’s tried to talk to her about it.

“I’ve tried talking to her but as soon as I try to, she starts crying. I don’t want to hurt a crying woman so I’ll just have to accept the accusations.”

This man must’ve done something in his past life for him to just easily accept this because I could never.