Now that we are five weeks into a new academic year, students are gearing up for interhouse, zones, and the biggest athletics meet in the South Pacific, the Coca-Cola Games 2024.

No doubt, there will be a lot of singing, dancing, cheering, and excitement during this period, but ever so often, some students like to misbehave and run a muck while on public buses. Most times, you will see students rocking the bus, banging on the side of it, and shouting at the top of their voices, thinking it’s cool. Not only will that paint a bad picture for themselves, but also for their respective schools.

So, here’s a list of things you should NOT do when you’re in a moving bus, particularly when coming back from school or games:

       1. Standing up abruptly:

Especially when the bus is in motion, sudden movements can lead to accidents or injuries.

      2. Putting your head, hands, or objects outside the window:

This can be extremely dangerous as objects or vehicles passing by could cause injury.

      3. Disturbing the driver:

The driver needs to focus on the road, so avoid distracting them with unnecessary conversation or behaviour.

      4. Engaging in rowdy behaviour:

Rowdiness can distract the driver and disturb other passengers, leading to potential accidents or conflicts.

      5. Throwing objects inside the bus:

This can cause harm to fellow passengers and damage to property.

      6. Ignoring safety instructions:

Pay attention to safety protocols and follow the instructions given by the bus driver or chaperones.

      7. Engaging in inappropriate behaviour:

This includes bullying, harassment, or any other form of misconduct towards fellow passengers.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority when travelling on a bus, and respecting others’ comfort and space is essential for a pleasant journey.