Being without a phone isn’t that bad, if you think about it. Yeahhh there might be times where you’ve got absolutley nothing to do and you’d wish you had a phone to fall back onto. Video games, social media and countless meme and reels have played a big part in the development of todays society and to be brutally honest, one can not live without having a smartphone.

So here is a list of things to do if you are ‘PHONELESS’:

1. Tidying up

I know it may sound a lot more boring but trust me you’ll be surprised at the amount of work you get done. You won’t regret it.

2. Experiment in the kitchen

Now if you love food just as much as you love being on your phone, being phoneless is the perfect time to jump into the kitchen and experiment on new dishes. Great way to pass time and you also get a mean feed out of it.

3. Workout

Take advantage of not having a phone and start training. After a few months you will be amazed with the results cause it will never happen with a phone in your hand.

So the next time you are phoneless or if you already are, look for something fun to to do, maybe include you friends. It’s chance to go on adventures and to do things you haven’t done in a while.