We have definitely come across a situation like this one.

Whether its having to run few errands with your mom and she bumps into an old friend of hers and they start storing non stop, to having a day out with your friend(s) and they see an old friend of there’s also and starts catching up, while you’re standing awkwardly on the side, wondering when they will finish.

Been there, done that.

Now we got a few tips here for you if you ever come across a situation similar to this one soon.

  • Take your phone out and fake a call
    This one definitely works. Next time your friend starts talking a little too long with her/his friend, just take out your phone, go through your contacts, and call someone you know just to annoy them. If you don’t have anyone to call, you can just try calling an invalid number and just pretend the call isn’t going through.
  • Start looking through your bag and pretend you are looking for something that isn’t in your bag
    This helps also, if you are carrying a bag, this one will be easy for you. Start rummaging through your bag and pretend to look for something that isn’t there. Pretend that you are trying to find maybe your lipgloss or a receipt, just to take up time.
  • If you are around a shop, have a look inside just to kill time.
    Oh this one comes in handy, while feeling awkward and standing alone on the side, if there is a shop that is near you, might as well just check it out and wait them to finish their chit-chat.

Now there are heaps of other tips and tricks that will help you overcome awkward situations like these, but, these are our best bets that will definitely get you out of it.