No doubt, there have been times where talking to that one person can have you head over heels, even to the point where one call or text message is not enough.

I can say that I have witnessed both boys and girls calling their partners more than four times a day. Even though it does not sound all that bad, there has been a time where a Chinese girl called her boyfriend more than 100 times in a single day.

If you are someone who rings your boyfriend or girlfriend more than 20 times a day, you have a condition called ‘love brain’. According to Dr Shaunak Ajinkya, a consultant psychiatrist, love brain is a term to describe the neurophysiological changes that occur in the brain when someone experiences romantic love.

Do not worry; it is something that you shouldn’t worry about but rather work on. Ask yourself these questions:

Why do I need to call my boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is it urgent that I need to talk to him/her asap?

Will I be disturbing him or her if I ring them more than once?

Can we fit everything that I want to say into one phone call?

Answer the question and gauge yourself from there.


The last thing you want is for people to think that you’re the psycho GF/BF.