‘The Wendy Williams Show’ has come to an unceremonious end and according to a new report, several set props and what-would-be keepsakes will be tossed in the trash.

via Page Six : 

The wigs are still there since she didn’t come and get them so they’re being thrown out. The chair is just going to be thrown out. Production is not even bothering to try to donate the chair to a museum — like The View did with their original table after 10 years. They gave it to The Smithsonian

Friday’s finale wrapped up the show after 13 seasons. Guest host Sherri Shepherd wished the talk show host well on-air, as several celebs took over as hosts during the final season due to Williams’ health concerns.

Fans, however, were underwhelmed with the show’s exit, as Williams herself was not involved, nor did she make an appearance.

Wendy Williams can’t even host the finale of her own show. It makes me mad just thinking about it. How are people okay with this?,” one fan tweeted, with another adding,“This was an awful finale. To end it with the staff not even mentioning #WendyWilliams was trash and shady af. SMH. @WendyWilliams.


Hopefully, Wendy got to take a few things before going on hiatus.