This might come as a shock to you and you didn’t misread it. We have been wrong for the longest time

If you are a fan of Adele, you might want to check the pronunciation of her name once again. We suspect that you have been a part of the “Ah-dell” team, just like everyone who sees the name, but it turns out it was completely wrong.

,Adele answered the questions of many people and promoted her most recent music video, I Drink Wine. However, there was something else she revealed.

“Love that,” Adele told one London fan when she asked her about songwriting. “She said my name perfectly!”

Before actually answering the question, Adele revealed that if you want to say her name in a correct way, it should be “uh-dale,” not “ah-dell,” apparently.

While many people were both surprised and happy to learn how to refer to their favorite singer properly, some argued that Adele did not break any news, but just offered a slightly different version of her name because of the accent.

“We’ve been pronouncing “Adele” correctly all this time. She pronounces it a bit differently because of her accent and only people from that part of England pronounce it like that and I bet if she sang “Adele” she would pronounce it properly,” Twitter user SuperN_E_S suggested.

Other people wondered why wouldn’t Adele correct people to refer to her in the wrong way after all these years of being famous.

(Source: CNN)