It seems many will do anything for free ice cream — including sing, dance, and even scream until our lungs give out.

McDonald’s at a Funan mall in Singapore recently had a promotion allowing customers to scream for a free Hershey’s ice cream. As a result, Singaporeans tried their luck to get a free delicious dessert.

A video of their screams has since gone viral on TikTok, many expressing their awe at the admittedly hilarious sight of customers hollering at the vending machine that only demanded their vocal cords.

Here, watch an example of one of these videos making its runs on TikTok right now



@yukianggiajadi, kalian mending teriak apa beli aja? 🤣

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Vacava?? Do you think you’d be brave enough to scream like this in front of strangers for ice cream??