Can you imagine a stranger walking up to you and asking you to be their Valentine or asking you for to pretend to be their romantic partner in a couple selfie?

Seeing that Valentine’s Day isn’t that big of a deal in Fiji, it was great to see fellow Fijians being such good sports about the love dares that they had to do if they wanted to win money.

That’s exactly what happened yesterday during the FM96 Dare 2 Love competition that had George, from FM96 Ignite, holding up cards with “love dares” written on them for people to do so that they can win money.

The dares ranged from things like asking a stranger to take a “boyfriend-girlfriend” selfie, singing love songs to a stranger, and even proposing to a stranger.

Each dare had to be properly carried out with successful results for the participant to win $100.

There was a share of $500 that was being given away and 5 lucky winners were able to win $100 each.

The videos were posted on the FM96 social media platforms and so far, it has garnered a lot of positive remarks.