All Relationships start off the same, it’s always filled with romance and the constant show of affection towards one another, but three out of five relationships end because of ill-treatment.

When first approaching someone, it is the idea of being with that particular person that you like and that’s what attracts you to them. Most relationships end before marriage and relationships that do end with marriage have a 40% to 50% chance of ending in divorce.

Most marriages that end in a divorce are due to the ill-treatment of the wife and in every divorce, the beginning is usually always the same with each person both telling each other that nothing will come between them. Disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship but that’s where patience and trust have to automatically kick in.

For example, when a man asks the girl’s father for permission to marry his daughter he will always promise to take care of his daughter and stay faithful and so on… But for most men that may seem like a joke so they feel the need to use brute force in every argument. Although some women may be at fault, that does not give you the right to raise your hands on her or anyone for that matter.

Always keep in mind that you were the one that wanted to be in that relationship and when you promised that you would take care of her, keep your word and take care of her because that is somebody’s sister and daughter.