The name Nikita Dragun is one that I haven’t heard in a while so all this time I thought that she was laying low, but turns out she’s doing the exact opposite.

On Tuesday (America’s Monday), Nikita was at a hotel in Miami when guests called the police about another guest that was just being very disorderly.

Apparently, Nikita was walking around the pool area in the nude while playing extremely loud music from her room.

When the hotel’s security and the police confronted Nikita, she slammed her room door in their faces just to open it again and ask them, “DO YOU WANT MORE?!”

Then she threw an opened water bottle at the police officers and that was enough to charge her with felony assault of an officer.



On top of all that, Nikita was booked into another correctional centre on misdemeanour battery and misdemeanour disorderly conduct charges where her bond was set at $2,000.

Fans had a lot to say about her being put in men’s prison with people condemning her and wishing her all the worst while other had a logical explanation as to why they shouldn’t put her in men’s prison.

“Realistically? If they sent her to man’s prison then she needs to be segregated from other inmates. If they had sent her to a female prison they should have done the exact same thing. If she ends up getting assaulted the state is going to be an open pocketbook for a lawsuit because it would be hard to argue they didn’t knowingly send her into a dangerous situation.”

As far as we know now, Nikita is still in custody.