Hey Besties! Hope you’re well and that this finds you in a good light. Just some tips on what to do leading up to this Cyclone.

Please secure your homes and properties and know your evacuation centres. Stay indoors and go out only if you really need to. Parents, please keep your children indoors. Exercise all precautions to ensure that you are aware of where your children are and also keep them indoors, warm, safe and occupied to ensure they don’t fall prey to falling debris or play and cross flooded rivers and creeks where lives can be lost unnecessarily.

Store up on water as water cuts are expected to happen. Ensure that your gadgets are fully charged in case of any power outages and candles are a MUST. Make sure that food rations are enough for your whole family as we don’t know how long this may take. If you’ll be on the road travelling to and fro from wherever after whatever, please do not drive carelessly but safely. You only have one life. Don’t take it for granted.

With that, continue to check up on your loved ones and stay safe!

Continue to listen in to and follow FM96 and FijiVillage for more and continuous updates.