The tricks supermarkets use to make you spend more – and how to avoid falling for them we all know how easy it is to stop by at a supermarket to buy and come home with five carry bags and spending more

With grocery prices on the rise, we try to get the best for money

Thankfully, a documentary has identified some tricky ways supermarkets try to get you spending, EVEN MORE, each time you’re in-store.

Take notes, we need this inside information next time we are at a supermarket

Pricey items will be at eye level

Supermarkets tend to place their best earners right where we can see them, and that means manufacturers will pay up in order to get their products face-to-face with consumers.

Next time you’re scanning the shelves, try glancing down lower to see if there’s a better deal on the same item.

Discount signs and promotional flags

There’s a lovely rush that comes when you see your favourite shampoo is on a two-for-one deal, right? Wrong.

Sure, it can be good to stock up, but remember, you only needed one bottle in the first place.

Those ‘specials’ are designed to get more items in your trolley than you ever intended.

Supermarkets have tricks to make you spend more than you want. While you’re dodging those deals, make sure you also keep an eye out for the ‘Great Price’ or Everyday Value’ flags – they don’t necessarily mean that product cost any less than it did the day before, or the week before that.

But do think twice before you wander past and grab something from one – was it really on your list, hmmm? Look, we’re not here to tell you not to buy yourself a little post-shopping pick me up, but if you want to save money, try these tips.

Also, don’t forget the golden rule:

Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!! 


[Source: MoreFM]