Forget about ordinary brown paper bags and plastic Tupperware because Louis Vuitton is redefining lunchtime elegance with its latest release: the $3,800 ($8,516.75 FJD) Sandwich Bag. This meticulously crafted “sac à sandwich” is made from supple cowhide leather adorned with the iconic monogram print, promising to bring a touch of sophistication to your daily lunch routine.


Designed with a zipped pocket and two flat compartments, this bag not only comfortably holds your gourmet bites but also radiates an aura of effortless luxury. It is available in two stylish colour options – Damier Ebene and the exclusive digital print for Spring-Summer 2024 – ensuring that you’ll be the centre of attention, whether in the breakroom or enjoying a picnic on a park bench.


However, the online community remains sceptical about the concept. While some fashion enthusiasts praise the Sandwich Bag as the embodiment of “practical extravagance,” others mock the steep price, questioning the rationale behind using a designer bag solely for lunch. Social media is flooded with memes and jokes, with Twitter users proposing more economical uses for the bag, such as storing hairbrushes or accommodating pet hamsters.


Louis Vuitton, on the other hand, appears unaffected by the virtual banter. They believe that the Sandwich Bag caters to a growing demand for “high-end everyday essentials,” targeting consumers who seek to add a touch of luxury to even the most routine tasks. Whether you’re a Wall Street executive indulging in caviar-topped toast or a fashion influencer showcasing your avocado on toast on Instagram, the Sandwich Bag assures an elevated lunch experience.


The fate of the $3,800 ($8,516.75 FJD) Sandwich Bag’s success is yet to unfold. However, it undeniably has ignited a vibrant dialogue surrounding the convergence of luxury, functionality, and the continually shifting interpretation of “essential” in a time characterized by conspicuous consumption. As you grab your ordinary brown paper bag next time, consider that a designer alternative now exists – granted you have the means to afford it.