54 individually positioned 3D padded keyboard keys are embedded in a unique-looking puffer garment made by the specialized fashion label Liminal Work Shop.


The Liminal puffer jacket is made of water-resistant nylon and boasts an adjustable waist, key zipper pockets, and a hash key zipper pull.


The distinctive design, though, is what makes it worth the $623 ($1,404.80 FJD). Whether you like it or not, it’s difficult to deny that the keyboard-inspired design is entirely original in the world of fashion and is a masterpiece. Additionally, on a chilly winter day, all those padded keys can actually come in handy.


Choose the flashier ivory-white variant that Liminal released a few months ago if the black-and-grey combination feels a little too plain.


keyboard Puffer Jacket | Taehyun Puffer Jacket - Jacketars


Actually, it has a more vintage appearance than the other one and is constructed of faux leather. At $269.99 ($669.68 FJD), it is actually far less expensive, and you can even find it on sale. It does, however, have fewer keyboard keys, so there is a compromise.