Even though this is just a hypothesis, we feel like this game is part of the reason why divorce rates keep increasing.

Alright hear us out, our partners obviously need our attention right? For boys, its pretty understandable, but for girls, NO IT IS NOT!

Girls need attention and constant reassurance so that they feel loved in the relationship. Now it is the small things that always count, but when her partner decides to choose things like “gaming” over her, that’s when everything gradually changes.

The fights may become more constant than before, all because you didn’t answer her call, didn’t call her back, etc.

These small and unnecessary fights can easily be avoided if you manage the amount of time you check on your partner, and your gaming time( things you do when you’re bored, etc)

Now if your partner is the understanding one, sheesh count yourself lucky! But if your partner keeps checking on you and disturbing you, (esp when you’re in the middle of something), then you should make time for them as well.

But yes to all you CALL OF DUTY players out there, drop everything and answer your partner’s call next time, and don’t call them when your game is finished. KEEP THAT IN MIND TO AVOID UNNECESSARY FIGHTS IN THE FUTURE!