One of the world’s most expensive coffee varieties is actually harvested from the droppings of the jacu, a large, black, turkey-like bird whose digestive system brings out the aroma of the coffee beans.

When Henrique Sloper, the owner of the Camocim coffee farm in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo, first saw his coffee plantation overrun by jacu birds, he panicked, not knowing that the birds would soon become a sort of business partner.

Convincing farm workers that they had to harvest bird poop instead of coffee beans took a while, but after getting over this hurdle as well as two years of trial and error, Comocim Farm became the only one in the world to produce coffee from the droppings of the jacu bird. And not just any coffee either, but one of the most preferred varieties in the world.

Described as fruitier and more acidic than most other coffee varieties, the coffee processed from the droppings of jacu bird droppings is so exclusive that it is only produced when there is a specific demand from a buyer. After being harvested, the droppings are dried, cleaned, and frozen until processing.

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