In this day and age, having data is a must.

Once you run out of data, or your wifi is out, it just seems like it’s the end of the world right? Well, it doesn’t always have to.

We did a little survey today and asked people about what they usually do when they are out of data, and the results were pretty interesting I’d say!

Let’s get right into it:


You might find this funny, but this was the most popular opinion. So whenever you run out of data, its not a bad idea to get extra sleep, boost your mood, and reduce stress.


Surprisingly, having no data isn’t such a bad thing. This often gives you more time to start a clean-up campaign and for you to do things around the house that you would normally forget to do when on your phone.


Some love to spend time playing offline games to help them relieve stress and also relax too.


Not a bad idea either. Sometimes, being on the phone for too long makes us lose touch of reality and when you’re out of data, it’s just another chance the universe is giving you to become a human again. Catching up with friends and family nearby, taking trips to meet them, isn’t such a bad idea at all!


Well, we all know there are multiple answers out there but we managed to gather the common ones, and those are the ones listed above.

So next time your data goes off, don’t feel so down. Keep in mind, there are a whole lot of reasons and a list of things you can do, not only to pass the time but also to help you remain relaxed.

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