Rubiel Mosquera, a.k.a. ‘Neckzilla’, is an IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder from Colombia known for the size of his muscular neck, which reportedly measures 20 inches in circumference.

Rubiel Mosquera has a pretty impressive physique, but just one look at his neck is enough to explain his popular nickname, Neckzilla. It really is something to behold, and while he doesn’t hold the official title of the thickest neck in bodybuilding, there are many who believe he truly has the most muscular neck in the sport.

Seen from some angles, it seems like his traps stretch all the way up to his jawline, but it’s actually his neck that is simply a lot more muscular than most. It is so muscular, in fact, that some bodybuilding fans have expressed concerns that the size of Neckzilla’s neck distracts judges at bodybuilding competitions causing them to miss some of his other assets.