It’s unfortunate the missing explorers that embarked on the Titanic tour submarine earlier this week.

Just a little info about the submarine is that it, in short, was being controlled by a video game controller before it lost contact with the outside world.

There were 5 tourists on board that paid $250,000 each to explore the ruins of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean and they’ve never been seen since the day the Titan Submersible went into the water.



There were reports saying that there was an emergency tank of oxygen with about 90 hours’ worth of oxygen left. That was more than 90 hours ago.

Because it is believed that the sub has run out of oxygen, the 5 explorers are believed to be dead.

This theory has just been fueled even more by the fact that bits and pieces of the sub have been found near the site of the Titanic wreck.

Only the ocean knows now where the lost souls are. We can only hope their bodies are found soon.

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