When you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to shoes, Heineken decides to one-up everyone in the shoe-making industry by doing this.

The Dutch beer-making company has teamed up with a sneaker-making designer and customizer, Dominic Ciambone, aka The Shoe Surgeon, for a collaboration that will benefit both companies in the most creative way possible.



The sneaker in question features Heineken’s signature colour scheme, green, white, and red, and even a handy bottle opener on the tongue of the shoe.

The “kicker” (pun intended) with this design is that the golden liquid you can see that’s just splashing around in the sole of the shoe is actual Heineken beer.



I don’t know how handy this will come as the amount of beer in the soles isn’t enough to affect the drinker, but it is pretty cool.

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