This week, Dwayne Johnson is giving back to a young UFC fighter he bonded with on Twitter due to their eerily similar backstories.


Johnson, 51, posted a video on Instagram on Thursday morning showing how he gave Themba Gorimbo, a 32-year-old UFC welterweight competitor who was having trouble finding a home for his family, a brand-new house in Miami.


Gorimbo, a mixed martial artist who had been sleeping on a couch while saving money to bring his family from their home in Zimbabwe and buy them a house, knelt down and hugged Johnson, who had earlier surprised him at the gym.


The aspiring UFC star was then told by Johnson: “This apartment is yours. You don’t need to consider anything. You just consider your family, how to bring them here, how to bring them along as you train to win the championship.


For as long as Gorimbo want to reside there, Johnson will lease the property and cover all costs.