One night after a very peaceful talanoa session with our mother, my siblings and I decided to have our sibling bonding time by playing SAMARIO.

Now if you’re not familiar with the name, ‘SAMARIO’ is a very popular game that we used to play growing up and I’m not sure if it still lives.

So, what had happened was, we were all in tune with the game until the youngest got the telling off from the eldest child because he kept dragging the game as he was still new to Samario. He started making a big fuss and started to leva because we chased him away.

He killed the vibe by slapping everybody, wanting to be still included. He played again.

This time he was the tenth person to get his palm slapped. The 9th had to make sure that he got him good. (more like a lesson for wanting to play with the qase’s lmao);…next thing you know, he let out a cry.

Surprisingly, Father dearest appeared and was greeted at the door with all the noise.

At this point we’re like “Oh damn. Here we go. If anyone was gonna get into trouble for this, it was gonna be me”. Perks of being the eldest.

So, guess who’s running around in the dark outside with their pillow and blanket on top their head singing, “Au na sega tale ni veivala”( I will never ever fight again)???


Point of this story? Run when you see your father, especially when your father is military and you’re the eldest.