Well, that was short-lived!

Let’s be real, not a lot of us were fans of this relationship from the beginning anyways.

At least I wasn’t and it’s because I don’t think Matt Healy is that great of a human being.

In a podcast, he can be heard talking about Ice Spice in a very racist and distasteful way and that’s after Ice Spice revealed that one of her favourite bands is The 1975, which Matt is the lead singer of.

Not too long ago, Taylor Swift broke up with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and not long after that, was seen getting cosy with Matt Healy right up until they announced that they were officially together.

Well, I guess it didn’t take long for them to realize that they aren’t exactly the match that they though they’d be and to be honest, I’m not complaining.

I may not be a Swiftie, but I know for sure that Taylor deserves so much more!