Do you remember Oli London? The Brit that spent an unhealthy amount of money to look like Jimin?

Well, we’re one-upping that story with the story of an Argentinean man who dedicated his adult life to looking like Ricky Martin ever since Ricky was named one of the Top 100 Sexiest Men Alive!

His name is Fran Mariano and he has allegedly had motor oil injected into his eyebrow muscles, but they had to be extracted again due to the many physical challenges that he’s currently going through because of all the operations that he’s had on his face.

“I don’t feel half of my face, I don’t feel my nose, I don’t feel my chin. When I drink champagne I have to do it with the help of a napkin because it spills on me.” – Mariano

Mariano understands that he’s gone too far down the road with the cosmetic makeovers, but he said he wants to share his story to prevent others from doing the same thing he did.