Cats have a reputation for standoffishness, especially compared with dogs.

They always have this “I don’t care” kind of attitude… but if you find your feline friend a little hard to bond with, maybe you’re just not speaking their language.

For example, Joey/Bunene’s cat usually attacks her out of nowhere.

Feisty cats are very hard to deal with but don’t worry because recent studies have shown how to handle your cat.

If you’ve spent any time around cats, you’ve probably seen their ‘partially closed eyes’ facial expression, accompanied by slow blinking.

It’s similar to how human eyes narrow when smiling and usually occurs when the puss is relaxed and content. The expression is interpreted as a kind of cat smile.

Anecdotal evidence from cat owners has hinted that humans can copy this expression to communicate to cats that we are friendly and open to interaction.

They performed an experiment and results showed that cats are more likely to slow-blink at their humans after their humans have slow-blinked at them, compared to the no-interaction condition.

Wow, this changes everything… maybe cats just had an attitude because of the lack of understanding