Cuba's 'Ironman' beats himself with a sledge hammer ... and survives  unscathed | Reuters

Can you imagine hitting yourself with a hammer 10 times?? Me neither!!!!

Well…..this street performer known as the ‘Cuban Ironman’, has allegedly been conditioning his body of iron by hitting himself with a heavy hammer around 1,000 times per day.

He went viral on social media back in 2020 with a video showing him banging his fists and elbows against concrete walls. Since then, his strongman reputation has been steadily growing. These days, he has an Instagram following of over 100,000 people and makes a living by putting on street performances in which he showcases his incredible strength. Most of the time he does pushups on his wrists with another person on his back, and uses a large hammer to hit his wrists, fists, and shins, or has someone else do it to prove it’s not fake.


[Source: Youtube]